LED Lighting – Environmental Benefits

LED Lighting

All of the recessed down-lights in the development are the award winning Halers EvoLED. The innovative and energy efficient LED luminaire design offers a far more efficient alternative to halogen lamps. Based on calculations provided by the manufacturer, over a 5 year period, each apartment could save 5,464kg of Co2 and £1,240 in energy costs by having EvoLED downlighters installed rather than Halogen lamps. This is based on the lights being on for 8 hours each day and a unit cost of electricity at £0.12 per kwh. Please see the calculations below.









For an interactive version of this Cost/CO2 calculator tool please visit the Haler website by clicking here. The exact amount of savings will vary depending on a number of factors including usage and cost of energy, but high quality LED lighting certainly can help significantly in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Halers Lighting has won a prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice thanks to its innovative energy efficient EvoLED, for more details please click here.