Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy – Leathwaite Development Limited

The Directors of Leathwaite Development are fully committed to protecting the environment and we are continually looking for ways to improve our environmental performance. Our aim is to prevent pollution, reduce carbon emissions, cut down on waste and the use of sustainable construction methods.

Leathwaite Development recognises that its activities have a significant impact on the environment and are committed to minimising that impact by:

Direct impact is caused through the physical process of building: muck shifting, noise, dust, excavation, noise and destruction of habitat. Wherever possible we will attempt to limit the direct impact of our activities.

Indirect impact is caused by the use of raw materials and the construction method employed. We are committed to building homes that achieve a minimum of Level 3 within the Code for Sustainable Homes and all of the environmental considerations this covers. In addition we are committed to building homes using the Insulating Concrete Formwork method of construction which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than standard masonry or timber frame. Leathwaite Development are also committed to ensure that all electricity used during construction will come from 100% renewable sources and will work with Good Energy to achieve this.

Waste Management Strategies

  • Re-use: For example expanded polystyrene (EPS), a major element of ICF construction, is a natural by-product of the petroleum refining process.
  • Prevention: Ordering components of the right dimensions to avoid trimming or wastage. Further details are to be included in project specific Site Waste Management Plans.
  • Re-cycle: the ICF polystyrene can be fully recycled, along with the plastic bridges which are already made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Use of materials: 100% of the timber used to be from sustainable sources.
  • All waste from Construction to be sorted into various waste streams on site to aid recycling.
  • We are committed to working with ProWaste – the industry leading Construction Waste Recycler – to maximise the % of waste recycled and avoid use of landfill if at all possible.

Leathwaite Development are committed to: –

  • Strict compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements, codes of practice and regulations.
  • Organisation of our operations in order to minimise pollution and disturbance to our neighbours and the general public.
  • Efficient use of materials and resources with particular regard to the long-term sustainability of construction methods.

We aim to: –

  • Ensure the effective management of resourcing thus reducing our impact on the natural environment.
  • Influence design and construction processes to ensure environmentally effective selection of materials and construction methods.
  • Encourage the participation of our subcontractors and suppliers in our environmental goals.
  • Make our environmental policy freely available to the public.
  • Seek to prevent pollution and to minimise waste.